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Save you Time and Effort

System is already tailored to meet Education and Migration Agency requirements freeing you from hassle of customization. It's ready from the time of subscription giving you headstart than any other CRM.

Work Across All Devices

Access your clients details on the go through any device and be updated with latest records anytime anywhere. Also, get Enquiry from your client devices directly to the system so that you never miss out any enquiries.

Various User Access

Provide Access to user with Various Levels and Branches to better manage the Records and Accounts. Also, allow Sub-Agent and Marketing Team to enter details directly from system and track their Application.

A Virtual Assistant

Our CRM goes beyond just managing Client Records. It's trains your team on how the process flows, what is needed in each stage of the process. Asking you the details when it's required and giving you details when you require.


Lead Tracker

Tracking your leads is now so easy. Use our Client Enquiry Plugin to track your leads from different sources such as Facebook, Website , Events , Walk-Ins etc.

Application Manager

Manage and Track your Application in really simple way and notify your clients with their status directly from system. Also, view performance of each Branch Office and users to have overall idea of your Application Conversion

Visa Manager

Track the stages of your Visa and get notified for expiry dates and visa due date. Also,send checklist of visa to your client directly from system as soon as they make an enquiry and track and follow up checklist that you haven't received.

Accounts and Invoicing

Invoicing and Payments can be done with ease now. Create Invoices for current futures semester and get reminded for their payments. Also merge and create Group Invoices to create all your payments in one go.

Document Management

Integrate with Dropbox to organise the documents for your Office and your Branch Offices.Condat automatically creates clients and Applications folder for you so you don't have to worry about organising the folders. All the clients folders are already organised based on Branch so just assign to specific Branch to access their clients folder only. So, no need to email documents, just drag and drop and you can access all their files directly in your computers.

User Management

Organise your User based on specific level, like Consultant who only manages Clients and Applications and Staff who manages both Clients, Application and Accounts. Also, create users for your Marketers and Agents so that they can only manage their own clients.


Other Features

We have more useful Features that will help you out in better Managing your Clients , Users and Works.

Reach your clients more faster by using our SMS Notification Features. Create Msg or template to send to your Clients and be connnected instantly.
Notify your Clients with any updates from a simple information such as who their consultant is or updates on their Application Stages or their Birthday.Also, from Visa Expiry Reminder to requesting documents from client. Most of the emails has been pre customised so only you need to do is check and click on send button.
Get Reminders for any importants task such as Visa Expiry Date, Invoice Due Dates, Course start / Completion Date. Also you can put your own reminder date to follow up with clients or your co-worker.
Provide access to your Sub-Agent to directly manage their Clients and Commission. Agent can enter their client details and assign the consultant from your office to look after that application. All the Application updates and attachment can be seen directly seen by this Agents and be notified.
Condat helps you to make your day more product by listing all the task for Today and for Weeks. So,now you know how busy you are and what to focus on. It will display all the reminders by date to help you be more organised.
Generate Reports based on your needs through our Advance Search Features. You can easily generate reports such as Applications by Intakes , New Enquiry, Visa Expiring list, Application by Branch, Outstanding Invoice By Institutes and Intakes and so on. You can then quickly export these to Excel, pdf, csv etc
Condat work smart


Our Subscription is very simple and inexpensive. All our subscription comes with Full Support and Trainings.



  • 2 Users
  • $11/month each Additional User
  • 30 Days Trial
  • No Setup Fee
  • Face to face / Online Training
  • Support Included

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